12 Tools Used By Best Seo Companies in India

To get ranked in search engine, you may find it difficult as there are number of Best seo companies India offering same services or products. So to be in top and get succeed in the digital world, Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool that draw a huge amount of traffic to websites. There are many seo companies offering you the affordable and best seo services in India. In search engine optimization, several strategies need to be performed to rank high in search result pages. There are many tools that will help you to run your search engine optimization campaign successfully. Some of them are: Continue reading

How To Hire Android App Developer?

To create high impact on users mind, you need to hire android app developer who can build highly engaging and interactive. There are number of people operation mobile devices powered by Android platform. Due to popularity of android platform, many businesses develop android applications that has revolutionized the world of mobile platforms and mobile devices.

India has become one of the best choice to outsource app development within your budget. If you want your applications at the most affordable prices then hire experts from the outsourcing android app development company India. Have a look on some tips that will help you to in choosing the appropriate android app developer to get your app. Continue reading

How to Hire Dotnet Developer

The day when Dotnet was launched for application development by Microsoft, Even they didn’t knew it will be a big boom to industry. But as per latest stat .net has becomes the most popular application development frame. To be honest it’s not just any ordinary framework developed for application development. It can support the high-end, robust, scalable and flexible systems and applications when it comes to development.

With the amount of popularity .Net gained, The Dotnet Development Companies have just mushroomed all over the room. With the competition in market these so called companies provide “Competitive pricing”. But are you sure that cost saving is something that will matter when you will be outsourcing Dotnet Application Development? I don’t think so. So the big question here is, What aspects you should look out for when you out to Hire Dotnet Developer? Continue reading

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Going For Enterprise Mobile App development.

Mobile App Development is the biggest and latest trend in market, and just in few years it covered the entire world by storm. Either you are developing a consumer app, utility app, industry level app or mobile game, We have an app out their ready for it. With different platforms like iOS, Android and the latest windows, it provides a massive playground for Enterprise Mobile App Development out there. Their is an App built for any thing you can think of but if you are not able to find one, you can make one your self. Enterprise apps are Continue reading

mobile app marketing pitfall

Launching A mobile app? Lookout for these 6 Pre and Post Launch Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls that you should avoid.

How about if you need to compete with only 200 Apps in the entire marketplace for your mobile app marketing. Sounds like a fairy tail for every marketer.

In 2009 when the App Store was launched, That was how the landscape looked like. But in short span of 4 years, On October 2013 Apple Announced that the number of apps present in the app store has crossed the 1 million milestone. With a record breaking $10 Billion revenue. Google didn’t stayed behind as well and within few month Google also made the announcement of crossing the milestone of 1 million apps. Continue reading

How to Be Among Worlds Top 3% Developers

I am working as Software developer from past 1.5+ years. Till today I have worked only full-time as I was scared of going in freelancing. In these 1.5 years I have worked with different companies. Few months back I got an opportunity to work on a contract base project firstly I wasn’t sure about the position but I gave it a shot.

And I am really glad that I did so. Reasons why I am glad:

1. I earned 40% more money than my regular job.

2. I had the opportunity to work from anywhere. (I even worked on the beach 🙂 )

3. No Stress.

4. I am my own boss.

Once My contract was over I started looking for more contract base jobs. Found few platforms like Upwork, Guru etc. but I wasn’t getting the a good feeling while working on these platform as the clients who come here are very low on budget and requirements are never clear.

One of my friend suggested me to try signing up with Toptal and he also told me that passing their screening process is not easy. As they are not just any ordinary platform that lets everyone get in. I visited the website and after checking I found that Top 3% developers of the world work here and that is the point where I signed up. I also searched for reviews of Toptal and these guys are just amazing everywhere. Also they provided some important questions for the interview as well. Waiting very eagerly to join toptal Web developers group 🙂 .

Photoshop V/S Sketch

Realistic outlining well known as (graphic designing)  is one major explanation for alluring interface either for your composed applications or sites. In the event that asked at the end of the day, it can be called as a larger amount in the realm of imagination. For being a dexterous visual originator, you need incredible thoughts in your brain, well trust me, this is the main thing that is going to take you encourage in your outlining profession

Presently when we have begun finding out about realistic outlining and its use in IT division, we should dive more profound into it and figure out how and where Photoshop and Sketch application is material. Continue reading

5 easy-to-use Mobile App Development Tools

Smartphones are becoming an elementary need for today’s generation. A common man can lead his or her life without having food but really not without mobile phones. The basic reason behind it is an endless series of apps which makes our world easier for us.

This mobile app mania has dominated the IT industry and as a result, we can see a good number of the latest apps flashing on our Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore almost every day. The field of mobile app development is really in vogue these days. Ultimately, this is raising the standards of competition among the different companies which are in the app development industry. Continue reading

iPhone Application Development India

The outlook for iPhone applications is widening its ways. The first thing that should be paid attention to when designing mobile apps is devices. Generally, people are seen using a different kind of gadgets and that is why iphone or ios app developers are required to design app in a certain manner which further can be considered as compatible with any device.

Our iPhone application developers at Osvin understands the importance of creating every device friendly apps which can make the experience of accessing apps richer and entertaining. The thoughtful process which should be practiced behind the development of any app is performed with greater ease and smart tricks.  That’s what gives a unique identity to our developers. Continue reading

Prosper your Love Life with Google Adwords

In the world of marketing, people often are required to make endless efforts into their professional lives to obtain profitable and progressive results. This no doubt takes their businesses to a skyrocketing position. But at the same time, if we look back on their personal or love life, then we witness an unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances.

Now, as the season of love is going on, this problem grows unexpectedly. So, make sure you pay attention to your google award campaigns along with planning out a lovely candle night dinner with your partner with a concerned mind. Continue reading