A method of preserving foods and fruit juices which many believe will do away with most cooking, pasteurizing, refrigeration along with the use of chemicals for this goal has been invented by Dr. N. H the best fake breitling watches . Hazeldine, of Los Angeles . "Solar vitalzing, replica breitling watches for sale " the name offered towards the course of action, is achieved basically by leaving any perishable article a particular length of time beneath a sheet of specially constructed glass and after that placing it into airtight containers. Oils and dry supplies may be left in open containers. The time necessary varies from a number of hours to per week, depending upon the short article treated, outcome preferred along with the weather. The approach could be carried on in the course of cloudy days, but demands much more time than on vibrant days. The vitalizer consists of a box or area with sides of prevalent translucent glass along with a major or roof of glass, the underside of which is indented inside the form of bulbs or lenses, about one-half inch in diameter and one-eighth inch thick. This sheet of glass slopes to the south at a specific angle, a couple of degrees of variation rendering it ineffective. It also have to be placed inside a certain position with reference to the points from the compass. It's claimed that the process preserves meals solutions and juices perfectly as to odor, colour and flavor. The inventor also asserts that it renders all substances immune to insect attacks, so that dried fruits, beans, peas and cornmeal quality fake watches , for instance, right after an hour within the vitalizer, could be kept indefinitely with no being infested with worms or weevils. A piece of beef hanging in a shed buzzing with flies will be untouched by a single insect. A California law offers that pasteurized milk could include 20,000 bacteria per cubic centimeter, but vitalized milk is said to include none at all. Vitalizing also is said to lead to seeds to sprout rapidly, grow vigorously and create plants less topic to pests and illness than these grown from untreated seed.


As a basic rule, in no way trust someone who utilizes any form from the word "vitalize".

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