Centuries ago an individual introduced a new, flavorful candy by adding licorice to his recipe. Pharmacists also began using licorice extract to mask the bitterness of certain medicines. A lot more recently , extract of the "sweet root" came to be employed as a conditioner and mellowing agent in tobacco products. Subsequent, experiments revealed that licorice aids generate a tough foam structure, one particular that has been place to precious service in extinguishing fires.

The listing at the ideal still further suggests that you just ought to not overlook licorice inside your search for new products or for strategies to improve what you're currently making. We don't have all of the answers, but we do possess the licorice as well as the licorice derivatives, plus the know-how, to assist you locate them.

Some New or Prospective Makes use of for Licorice And Licorice Derivatives Flavor for ice creamAntioxidant to help keep chewing gum freshProlonging foam in porter and aleSoft drink flavorAging and mellowing smoking pipesImproving meat and fish sauces Therapeutic agent in remedy of Addison's diseaseComponent in feeds for horses, cattle and chickensSoothing ingredient in cough-syrupsStabilizing acid latexFlotation agent in ore separation

MacAndrews Forbes Company
Licorice and Licorice ProductsSince 1870
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LICORICE has challenging industrial possibilities

Has licorice any worth inside the remedy of Addison's illness? Can it be applied to improve the flavor of breakfast foods? Could the active enzymes of licorice root be useful inside the handle of digestive or nutritional functions? And what could it do for the business

Medical research recently completed indicate a yes towards the initially question.

It's most likely will be the reply towards the meals manufacturer who failed to solve his problem with much more familiar flavor elements. Don't know will be the answer to the third query-almost something, it appears, can take place with licorice. The fourth: at this moment, a question mark!

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